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25 mm Artificial turf for decoration, PE,PP Emerald best for commercial & residential use


Model                    25 mm Emerald
Pile Height           25 mm
Stitches                 13/10 cm
Density                 13650/ m2 +/- 3%
Yarn Type            PE ( C- shape) + PP
DTEX                   9000
Total W. gr/m2  1875 g/sqm
Yarn W. gr/m2   625 g/sqm
Backing                PP Cloth, Net, SBR glue





C-shape Artificial Grass with Dekorrs

Wouldn’t you love your home decor with a full, mixed green color? Now it’s made possible with the Dekorr Grass. This artificial grass is made up of three colors. Dekorr Grass is perfectly fresh green, without looking unnatural. That, combined with lush grass fibers of 25 mm. Artificial grass with a pretty neat density and soft.

The ‘backbone’ and ideal angle of the C-shape result in grass blades that stays upright for longer. This provides a far superior product in comparison to traditional fake grass.

Additional information

Weight 500 g
Dimensions 500 × 150 × 120 cm

10X6.5 FEET, 11X6.5 FEET, 12X6.5 FEET, 13X6.5 FEET, 14X6.5 FEET, 15X6.5 FEET, 1X6.5 FEET, 2X6.5 FEET, 3X6.5 FEET, 4X6.5 FEET, 5X6.5 FEET, 6X6.5 FEET, 7X6.5 FEET, 8X6.5 FEET, 9X6.5 FEET