Welcome to the world of Aavana Greens home decor products and services catering to architects, Designers and clients!

Aavana Greens Architecture Services

Our goal is to help our clients create beautiful and functional residential and commercial spaces that reflect their unique style. We offer a variety of products and services that will help you create the perfect place, from WPC Products to Greenery Products, Exterior and Interior to furniture, Lighting to Furnishings, Consultation to recommendation and much more. We specialize in helping you find the right pieces to complete and enhance your space design

Whether you are looking for a classic, modern, or eclectic style, we have something for you. Our selection features a wide range of furniture, Furnishings, Lighting, and Decor to choose from. We also offer custom pieces, so you can create a unique look that is all your own

No matter what your design goals are, we can help you bring them to life. We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable designers on hand to help you make the best decisions for your home. We can provide advice and guidance on everything from selecting the right materials to creating the perfect layout.

We understand the importance of being responsible to the environment and strive to create beautiful, sustainable decor ideas. Our collection includes a variety of eco-friendly materials, such as bamboo, wood, WPC, greenery products such as Grass, Vertical Garden, Planters, Bushes and Hangings and many more.


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We are also proud to offer our clients a wide selection of eco-friendly decor products.




Get the Look of Real Wood Floors for Less and affordable. Laminate floors are tough and easy to clean, great for busy homes with pets and kids.



Transform Your bathroom with Aavana greens Products: Infuse a Refreshing Jacuzzi Ambiance into Your Space. Elevate the beauty of Your Bathroom with our magnificent Range of Artificial Plants.



Enhance Your Lounge with Aavana Greens Products. Transform your ordinary lounge into an extraordinary space by including our Aavana Greens artificial bushes for home decor. style effortlessly with our products


Wall Interiors​

Elevate Your Hall’s grace with Aavana Greens’ Transformative Products. Embrace a Refreshing Change from simple Wall Interiors. Experience the Innovation of Artificial Plants and Breathe New Life into Your Space.


Terrace decoratives

Transform your plain terrace floor into a luxurious haven with our artificial decoratives greens . Experience the fusion of sophistication and natural charm.



Make your bedroom better with lovely decor from Aavana Greens. Our stuff is made to add beauty and nature vibes to your space. It’ll feel nicer and more natural.

Why Choose Aavana Greens?

Quality Products

Our architect and Designer focused approach typically have a higher standard for quality, ensuring that the materials and construction of the items are durable and built to last.

Unique Designs

Architects and Designers often have a unique vision for their space and are looking for pieces that help express that. our offering to architects and Designers usually offer more custom and unique designs that help bring their vision to life.

Professional Guidance

We offer valuable insights and advice on how to create the perfect space.

Budget-Friendly Prices

Aavana Greens is catering to architects and Designers often provide more budget-friendly prices than other decor brands, making it easier to find pieces that fit into the desired budget.

Access to Sustainable Materials

Since architects and Designers often have a commitment to sustainability, many decor brands catering them prioritize sourcing materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

On-Trend Styles

Aavana Greens stay up-to-date on the latest trends in decor, ensuring customers can find the most stylish and modern pieces for their space

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