Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

Grass appears aesthetic to our eyes. A plain sight of greenery brings peace to mind. But having perfect natural grass throughout the year is not possible, and hence people often use artificial grass to achieve the purpose of utmost greenery. It is made up of synthetic fibers woven together to form a carpet that looks just like natural grass. It is widely used for many sports based lawns as well as for residential and commercial purposes.

It is true that artificial does not stop being a synthetic solution that cannot surpass the original version. However, in recent times the manufactured has improved considerably. Today you can find Dekorr by aavana  is very successful, both in physical appearance and in texture and touch.

Grass Artificial

Types of artificial grass

It comes in a variety of materials that defines their quality. Most common are:-

Polypropylene Turf

This type grass is not a very fine quality, but it is still used for residential and commercial purposes due to lower prices. However, they are susceptible to heat and hence have the least preference.

Polyethylene Turf

A little more expensive than the polypropylene material, but the quality is worth the price. It mades up of polyethylene has a very natural look and is widely used for all kinds of landscaping purposes.

Nylon turf

Nylon made up of Plastic is mainly used in the sports arena due to its durability and high strength. It is the most expensive out of all the others, but quality comes at a high price.

Uses of Artificial Grass

It has gained enough popularity over the years. Some of the significant forms are:-

Best Grass for Dogs & Pets

Best for dogs & Pets

The enormous numbers of Pet lovers are attracting. Its gives your gorgeous garden for your doggie at your home. Without maintaining and all. Its a good time to use synthetic grass.

Are you confused about it?What type of turf should you use for your lovely pet?

No problem. We know It’s challenging to decide. By fortune, we have years of experience to give you the best. Dekorr made with premium quality materials for extended durability and high comfort. Good for huge dog’s traffic.
for Wall Decoration

For wall Decoration

There are almost countless new ideas to make your interior decor bracing and shining. But with the grass on the wall. it will be the most creative and prudent way to decorate the ceilings and walls that bring a new & natural feel to your home. The green grass for the wall contains all the ingredients that are used to save, cover, and decorate walls. These covers come in different varieties and properties; there are many kinds of grass available that will improve your entire home environment.
for Residential Use

Residential areas of use

It is preferred over the natural grass for home and gardens as maintenance at these places becomes difficult at times, especially if they are best in shady areas, beautifies balconies and rooftop gardens.

Commercial Use


Whether it’s hotels, cafes, schools, or offices, Synthetic solution is forever wanted for landscaping. The aesthetic look they provide is also desired by some event organizing companies to create a friendly And peaceful environment.


Various sports grounds employ Synthetic turf instead of the natural one due to its high strength and durability. Some of the standard games where they are using are golf, football, hockey, tennis, and so on.
Turf for Flooring

Use for floor decoration

We used nature-friendly fibers, Plastic components for manufacturing turf. Environment free means that you are helping the environment in saving water resources, which uses the majority of the population to change the natural lawn. Flooring also helps the owners of the house with minimal maintenance & best comfort on floor with a natural touch. Apart from this, it enables you to keep away the rodents and insects which are destroying the lawn and spreading in your house.
Turf for Balcony

For balcony

Give the presence of a naturally beautiful gallery without any hassle, time, and wasting money on balcony lawn care. Besides, It does not produce brown spots or weeds! Just think – a great looking balcony lawn every day of the year. This is is ideal for those who are traveling or who do not want to work more. If you are busy & you are away from home for a vacation, or you dislike the work for the yard, Use it as a maintenance-free option.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It is a composition of synthetic material, coloring dye, and UV resistant chemicals. These raw materials are mixed and stirred correctly. Pressure applied on this mixture via extruder head along with heat, form long, thin thread-like material. These strands are then woven into yarn using the carding machine. A tufting machine is used to turn the thread into the loop.

One side of the grass is then coated with latex and heated to fix the latex layer. Rolled and ready to distribute

The price is varies according to the quality, colors, and thickness of the green. Moreover, different brands offer different ranges for turf. The costs generally fall in the field of INR 30 per square foot to INR 100 per square foot.
It is available all over India, but some states, including Delhi, Mumbai, Baroda, Pune, Nashik, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Goa, are known for providing the best quality turf.

Installation of artificial grass in just three simple steps:-

Pre- Installation

The first step is to make the ground a flat surface to make proper space for grass. Cover dug upto few inches after removing all weeds in the area. Create a drainage system to drain all the water falling into out of it.

Installation of base

A mixture of small rocks and gravel is then thrown on the area to facilitate drainage. These stones are then graded with the rake and moisturized. The moisturized base is then compacted using a plate compactor, and the role of grass is opened and allowed to regain its shape.

The final step to Installation of artificial lawn grass

Cut out the exact dimension as required by the area and place them on the ground. Join two pieces of turf together using the adhesive product. After placing cut, add infill to the grass surface to make the fibers stand vertically.

  • Low cost maintenance
  • Forever greenery
  • Decrease manual efforts
  • Shady areas can also be beautiful
  • Long life
  • Non- biodegradable
  • The manufacturing process creates pollution
  • Absorbs heat and low-quality products can often meltdown.
The maintenance of artificial lawn grass is much easier than natural grass. Simple steps like brushing and regularly rinsing to remove leaves, debris, and stains can lead to continuity in the beauty. Equipment like hose, rake, and leaf blower can help in the maintenance of grass.
Natural things are always the best for society. But why dwell on natural things when something better is available in the options. The best thing about, It can provide “forever greenery,” whereas natural grass can have variations and can lose beauty at some time. It saves efforts and resources. It’s a one-time investment for forever beauty. With Fake grass installed, no more worries for water supply, or timely trimming, the grass will stay on
  • 5yrs Warranty against Discoloration, Bald Patches, and any manufacturing defects.
  • Pull Test – Up to 2500 pounds of weight.
  • Best German Quality and Competitive Prices.
  • Child/Pet Friendly – Fresh yarn no recycled yarn.
  • Royal Tencate Yarn – best fresh yarn available in the whole world.
  • Easy/zero maintenance
  • Fire retardant
  • Weatherproof handles heat ( -30 to +50 degree)
  • 45 days Water dip test passed
  • ‘C’ shape gives always standing & dense look.
  • 4tone “summer” grass & 3tone “winter” grass
  • No drainage issue-only 4mm floor deviation required UV Protected.
  • Antistatic grass.
  • Antibacterial grass
  • Mesh weave backing with only 6% latex as per international standards