Artificial Vertical Garden & Green Wall Manufacturers Delhi

Artificial Vertical Garden

For an artificial vertical garden, Dekorr is something that has its unique language to speak. It is guided to show how things much are in terms of the right thing at the right place. Similarly, We suggest always has the right place for plants as per the conditions and interior combinations. It is one of the biggest advantages of an artificial vertical garden that is here to add beauty to it. It helps in designing, plant selection, and even optimization. So, let us tell you how artificial vertical garden is inspiring us for our vertical style of gardening.

Manufacturer: Artificial vertical garden in india

In India as a manufacturer. Dekorr gives you so many examples of plants that are looking beautiful vertically on a surface of a cliff or a tree. for an Artificial garden & vertical garden, the good fibers, real wood trank, and solid stones, Etc. are the major parts when it comes to manufacturing unit. Similar to this, while preparing the vertical formation at your home, we need to keep some points in mind. This technique is replicated on a whole new level with the help of a rigid place. It also allows a continuous growth structure that can help in growing a plant to its full potential. But it’s not easy for everyone to initiate of synthetic vertical garden. Also, its too time is taken process. So Dekorr is here to provides you a complete solution for the artificial vertical garden at your door without any hassle process. We have many years of experience as a manufacturer and interior designer.

Artificial green wall & Plant Selection

The best part about the vertical habitat is its formation that is surrounded by some of the interesting manners. Indoor and outdoor plants & green wall have the tendency to form in the accurate selection in regards to the temperature and high light levels. In addition to this, there are so many options for the vertical plants & green walls  that are used for the indoor and outdoor work making it deal for the corresponding working art.


Best Price & Design Elements

In artificial vertical garden mats, 450/- INR is the starting price in manufacturers & Delhi market. Price basically depends on the quality, Size, Leafs & many more factors.

The aesthetic objective is one of the major game players when it comes to the formation of the whole characteristic of the vertical garden. There are different things to keep in mind while forming the proper pattern such as:


When it comes to vertical garden then there are so many options for us to avail. It helps in tossing out the diversity in the form of the variation of the green wall. There are so many options as per the location that allows us to have a goal for the indoor decoration with vertical plants & mats. With such a diverse choice, we can simply get back to work and let nature take its course. Artificial grass also plays a key role in the artificial garden.

Characteristics of a dekorr artificial vertical garden

  • Colour of leaves
  • Best price guaranteed.
  • 10000+ Designs
  • Used Real wood
  • Beautifulness
  • 100% Customized design
  • Texture and shape of a leaf
  • Flowering or non-flowering plant

Artificial Vertical garden leaf panels

Gardening love is something that will never fail to amaze you, whether it is in terms of high rise apartments or have a proper yard. You will always want to start out something new and beautiful that can improve quality of gardening and home décor. One of the most physiological, aesthetic, environmental and economic ways to go through gardening is the artificial vertical garden panels. We understand that this trend is becoming the life of metro cities. These are the main reasons that are making people opt for artificial vertical gardens & other belonging to it Like leaf, leaf Panels & Flowers, Etc.

Artificial garden walls & panels

The deforestation has become one of the major problems with the advancement in terms of industries. In such a case, the artificial gardens are the best options to maintain the diversity of the plants. Also, it will work out as the decorative form by placing the plants in an aesthetic manner. The major thing is that it is easy to maintain.

Yes, this type of artificial garden walls will not only help with the promotion of saving the tree but also helps in saving the money & time. In addition to this, it will help against factors such as UV rays, harsh weather, noise, heat, etc.

Ultimate natural visual appeal

It is one of the biggest reason to have the artificial vertical garden India since it can transform a wall into an incredible art of nature. The empty space of the wall is not used for any of the proper benefit exceptions on the outer level. You can put that wall into good use by adding the visual appeal to it. These type of artificial plants can allow one to have an extremely amazing greenery look. Also, one can put in the hanging basket, gate decoration or even the boxes to give it an appealing look.

Another of the essential part is that it will save a lot of space and hence a lower chance of clutter. Whether it is outdoor or indoor, this option will save your space and gives unlimited options to continue gardening craze. This will also help in creating the maximum of space and be creative with the style and pattern used. Even enough you are living in a condo but want to have a greener aspect to it, you can go for such option.