Garden Shopping – Aavana greens

Garden Shopping – Aavana greens

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Artificial grass can transform dull lifeless lawns into lush green areas, perfect for all the family and their pets to enjoy, whilst demanding very little maintenance. With today’s advances in technology, it’s now difficult to tell the difference between real and fake grass. Because of the wide range of benefits, many people are now choosing to have artificial grass installed in their gardens.

Many gardeners love browsing around nurseries. Others think shopping for garden supplies is a necessary, unavoidable task. Either way, arming yourself with a few shopping tips will simplify the process and help you navigate through rows and rows of tools and garden supplies.

Whether you want to set up an artificial vertical garden on the balcony of your house or a terrace garden on your house, Aavana Greens is here to help you with your garden shopping. Having the correct tools & garden accessories is the key to a breathtaking green space!

Let’s take a look at a few tools and accessories to enhance your garden look:


A pair of sharp scissors is always a useful tool to have close at hand. It’s normal for there to be a few elevated fibers on your roll of artificial grass and scissors are great for quickly and easily trimming them back to the correct size.
You may also find them handy when dealing with joins in artificial grass. In some instances, you may find that your join has a ‘Mohawk’ appearance, where the fibers have been pushed together, causing them to be slightly raised from the surrounding fibers.
Scissors can be used to trim the raised fibers along the length of the join to create an invisible seam.

•Raking or brushing quality tool.

Firstly, start off with a brush or a rake, this can be used both before and after installing the artificial grass. You can use it before to brush the debris off before removing the natural lawn or concrete, and then after to help lift the pile once the artificial grass has been laid. Always brush against the direction the pile goes. If you have trees in your garden, close by, then brushing the leaves off the lawn will be far easier with a quality broom or rake to hand.

•Artificial Hanging plants and baskets

Take the organic beauty in your home to the next level with Aavana Greens realistic-looking fake hanging plants. Great for maximizing the vertical space(s) in your garden, our artificial hanging baskets are a great way of incorporating lifelike color within eye level. Self-contained in decorative baskets, each of our artificial hanging plants allow you to enhance any garden quickly and effortlessly – with no extra maintenance.

•Artificial trees

Enhance the beauty of your garden with some artificial trees that look incredibly lifelike. Inspired by nature and assembled from high-quality materials, you can relax knowing that our trees are incredibly realistic.

•Artificial Green Plants and Faux Flowers

Artificial outdoor plants and flowers have come a long way. No longer do you have to put up with garish and so-obviously fake flowers that quickly fade and look even worse. At Aavana Greens, we carry such hyper-realistic artificial flowers, plants, grasses, and shrubs that you’ll find yourself doing a double take even when you see them up close. And they’re made with industrial-grade materials that are sturdy and fade resistant, and with patterns and molds that mimic Mother Nature’s creations.
The appeal of artificial outdoor plants and faux flowers is that they give you all the vibrancy and color that real plants and flowers embody, but without the time and effort that is needed when tending to their live counterparts.
With artificial flowers and plants, even those with a less-than-green thumb can enjoy the beauty that faux flowers and their bright blossoms bring, but without the worry of keeping them, well, alive.
Artificial outdoor plants and flowers provide an excellent alternative to live foliage. They are sturdy enough to withstand outdoor elements and resist fading for years. They don’t take much of your time in upkeep or watering and look utterly realistic when made properly. We carry so many supremely realistic faux flowers and artificial green plants that you’ll easily fill your cart with a garden’s worth of greenery. From beautiful botanicals to willowy grasses, our selection is par-none. With the dozens of artificial outdoor plants, trailing vines, faux flowers, trees, and shrubs to choose from, we are confident you will find what you’re looking for.

•Garden Decor and Accessories

Get garden decorations to create an outdoor experience that is bursting with personality. At Aavana Greens, the selection of lawn and garden decor features items to appeal to the eye of outdoor enthusiasts. Weathervanes, flags, and lanterns make lovely garden accessories that exude warmness and charm. Or add a trellis for some vertical variety. Whichever garden decorations catch your eye, accessorizing outside adds a fun-loving spirit to accompany favorite plants and flowers.
Add gorgeous garden accessories to create an exterior you will love to live in. Whether enjoying a sunset with the family or entertaining neighbors in the summertime, garden decorations bring a little extra something to any home.

•Pots and Planters

Great for decorating patios, porches, decks and interior shelves, pots, and planters with Aavana Greens faux plants has its own character and charm. A wide assortment of vinyl, resin, fiberglass, clay, and ceramic pot options are easily available in the market. With so many choices, you’re sure to find the perfect planters and pots for your gardening needs and make your Aavana Greens plants and flowers look the best that they possibly can.
Whether you prefer a rustic country charm, a classic sophisticated elegance, or a fun colorful vibe, choose the planters and pots to fit your lifestyle. With plenty of gorgeous decorative pots for plants options available, it’s practically guaranteed that you’ll find the ideal match to set your plants apart from the rest!
Whichever style of planter or pot that you choose, you know that you’ll be getting a high-quality product with us that’s built to last throughout the years. Simply select your favorite look and browse our selection of planters to find the perfect shape, size, and price for your budget.

For additional information on our faux outdoor plants, artificial green plants, or any of our customization opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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