Artificial grass in India

Artificial grass in India

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Kids love being outdoors! Upgrade your lawn to a gorgeous, safe, clean artificial grass retreat for your kids !!

Keeping children occupied in the garden is no mean feat. There’s nothing better than seeing your kids enjoy playing cheerfully in your backyard, rather than being glued to a TV set or tablet screen playing video games. It’s fun. It’s healthy. It’s good exercise. And it makes everyone happy.

Artificial grass makes the entire play experience safer and easier for all involved. With an artificial grass lawn, you don’t get the tripping and falling hazards associated with real grass. No more slippery pockets of mud, no rocks, nothing to impede the steps of little feet. Especially if you have toddlers or little ones who aren’t fully steady on their feet, the relatively even surface of artificial grass will help them gain their confidence and avoid falling.

If you’ve got kids (or grown-ups) who like to tumble around the yard, synthetic turf is also much more fun and safe to play on than real grass. Headstands, or handstands? They’re much more comfortable and easier with artificial turf. Do you have kids who like to wrestle or play pile-up? Yep. An artificial grass lawn is your new best friend.

Besides artificial grass in India, what are other alternatives to real grass lawns?

Many outdoor play areas often use wood chips, rubber chips, gravel, cement, or sand as the base for playgrounds. Those materials all have their uses, of course. But they are all more messy or hazardous than artificial grass. What’s more, if kids are going to trip and fall, and we all know they will, it’s much safer for them to fall on a padded artificial grass surface than gravel, dirt, sand, or cement.

The key is to provide kids with a fun garden play area that will get them active outdoors without ruining your garden or running the risk of having an accident. We’ve put together few key considerations by parents for synthetic grass :

Key Considerations

There are a number of things you need to be considering when choosing synthetic grass in India for an area where children will be playing. For clarification, you need to factor in:

•Appearance -The appearance of artificial grass has become very attractive. It no longer looks fake and it is every bit as appealing as natural grass. More and more, artificial lawns are difficult to distinguish from natural ones. And they have one very important advantage in comparison with natural grass: artificial grass remains in perfect condition throughout the year

•Feel – the surface should be soft enough so that the energy from falls is absorbed into the ground rather than through the child

•Safety – Synthetic turf is environmentally friendly and allergen-free.Many kids have allergies to natural grass. Even those who are not allergic to natural grass may have reactions to pesticides, fertilizers, or other nasty chemicals commonly used to maintain real grass lawns. Artificial grass introduces none of these concerns to your backyard or lawns. It’s safe for your kids and you don’t need to use chemicals or smelly fertilizers to keep it looking beautiful year-round. Plus, it’s extremely easy to keep clean. Just hose it off occasionally to spray away any dust and debris.
Also, bad weather doesn’t just bring the dangers of slipping and sliding. The lure of the playing field also brings the everyday terror of the muddy pitch, the unclean boots, and the browned and cracking PE kit. With artificial grass, though, this is something you need not concern yourself with.
Artificial grass requires no soil. No soil means no mud. No mud means no bashing the boots together, cleaner PE kit, cleaner kids, and no messy footprints in school, the sports hall, or the hallway back home after practice.

•Durability – anything to do with children needs to be robust and hard-wearing so that it can withstand the constant patter of small feet, heavy toys, and mischievous hands

• Maintenance-Much less of a mess than real grass. Real grass comes with real dirt, real rocks, and real mud. That can present a real muddy mess. Not to mention countless grass stains, mud stains, and ruined clothing. Artificial grass is cleaner with no stains to clothing, no muddy footprints, no carrying grass and debris inside the house, resulting in no mess, inside or outside

•Drainage capacity-The drainage capacity consists of the degree of resistance of your lawn towards weather conditions. For example, if it rains or snows, artificial turf has a good capacity of endurance and does not become waterlogged or damaged.

•Easy to Install-You can install artificial grass almost anywhere you want and on any type of surface: concrete, tile, cement, etc. Artificial turf is ideal to place around children’s playgrounds. Immediately after installation, it shows perfect results.

•Practicality – you will need to make sure that every child can access the play area. Children with mobility issues or disabilities can sometimes struggle on uneven ground like grass or woodchip, so you need to ensure the surface is accessible and fair for all

•Cost – The solution needs to be cost-effective and not impede on other areas that need to be considered. The price of artificial grass is increasingly less than the price of care and equipment that needs to be used on regular grass, and it also saves so much time. It will last considerably longer and won’t need even half as much care.
Although it might cost you now, it will provide endless hours of fun for the children, all whilst keeping them safe. Also, always remember – the safety and security of children are ultimately priceless.

Artificial grass takes all of these things into account. It is soft and safe; there’s nowhere for children to graze their limbs or hit their heads, and the addition of shock pads makes it all the softer as they absorb the energy from a fall.

Don’t let your children’s garden games be hampered by your lawn. If you would like to learn more, or you are interested in installing artificial grass in your school, sports center, or home, for more information on artificial grass in India, please call us on 08048988893 or visit us at

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