The best vertical garden ideas and designs for 2022.

The vertical garden is one of the best ways to bring greenery around you. It has to ability to maintain the freshes and charm in both indoor and outdoor of your home. But do you want to waste most of your time maintaining the plants or watering them? Obviously no, we all want something that […]

5 steps to set up your own vertical garden.

Most of us love green plants, but the regular maintenance and care.  And it gets hard to take care of the plants due to the considerable amount of time, money, and effort required. This is where artificial green walls become a better option.  Here are 5 steps to set up your own vertical garden for […]

Artificial plants supplier in India

artificial grass, artificial plants, artificial vertical garden

Artificial plants have gained popularity as of late and many are living very stylish lives in homes, restaurants, and hotels. The crux of the matter is about finding potential and bringing them to life in exciting or inspiring ways. Ready to transform your space? Look no further than Aavana Greens. Aavana Greens is the leading […]

Benefits of Synthetic Grass, Eco friendly grass.

eco friendly grass, synthetic grass

One of the big questions consumers have about artificial grass is whether it’s more eco-friendly than real grass. It’s important to be an environmentally conscientious customer and we’d like to take this opportunity to put your mind at ease. Whilst nothing is 100% environmentally friendly, there are plenty of surprising ways artificial grass is greener […]

Wooden deck tiles – By Aavana

wooden deck tiles

A wooden deck is considered the epitome of laid-back luxury. Decks are that space where home meets nature! Aavana Greens prides itself on being one of the few companies in India to offer aesthetic design options for decks that are easily workable, in a variety of finishes. With the emphasis on durable wood that will […]

Artificial lawns can benefit homeowners

artificial lawn

Artificial lawns can benefit homeowners in a variety of ways. In addition to eliminating the need to water your lawn, artificial turf also eliminates the need for time-consuming lawn maintenance. So, instead of spending your weekend mowing, fertilizing, and watering your lawn, you can get back to enjoying it with your friends and family. Sound […]

Artificial Carpet Grass

Artificial Carpet Grass

Get your artificial turf around the pool installed today! Most of the commercial & residential swimming pool landscapes are made out of brick & concrete. These materials are not only heavy and expensive but they can be quite difficult to install. Sometimes owners do opt for grass, but Aavana Greens is here to show you […]

Artificial grass in India

Aavana Greens

Kids love being outdoors! Upgrade your lawn to a gorgeous, safe, clean artificial grass retreat for your kids !! Keeping children occupied in the garden is no mean feat. There’s nothing better than seeing your kids enjoy playing cheerfully in your backyard, rather than being glued to a TV set or tablet screen playing video […]

What are the advantages of artificial Grass?

How do I know the pros of using Artificial Grass? There are many more advantages of artificial grass, apart from the most obvious aesthetics.  Impressive guarantees, quality manufacturing, and ecological benefits have totally altered the awareness of artificial grass; installing beliefs in this turned into an invaluable, cost-effective alternative to natural turf.  It mightn’t be […]

Wooden deck tiles Delhi

wooden floor deck tiles

Get the Best Variety of wooden Deck Tiles in Delhi from Aavana Greens Have you been thinking about doing something new for your interiors? Interiors or exteriors are not only limited to the wall colors and the furniture but rather, the floor plays an important part. Are you fascinated by the wooden deck tiles that […]