The best vertical garden ideas and designs for 2022.

The best vertical garden ideas and designs for 2022.

The vertical garden is one of the best ways to bring greenery around you. It has to ability to maintain the freshes and charm in both indoor and outdoor of your home. But do you want to waste most of your time maintaining the plants or watering them? Obviously no, we all want something that will decorate our home but is not time-consuming. In keeping this in mind we got a solution for you! And the solution is an artificial vertical garden. Artificial vertical gardens are a kind of simulated living plants wall panels which are made of premium PE materials. It will not only give a modern look but it consumes low maintenance. Artificial vertical gardens are free from any allergic material that can be harmful to the human body. Year by year, the artificial garden is getting huge popularity The best vertical garden ideas for 2021 greeted a new trend, and followed by 2022 more new trends are in the line.    Now let’s find out The best vertical garden ideas and designs for the year 2022


  1. Hanging garden – you can hang bushes, or even decorate your walls with a hanging vertical garden with your photographs which will cover your entire wall and will give an aesthetic look to your photographs. You can also hang artificial flowers in tin cans and cover your entire wall. 
  2. Rather than essentially joining draping growers to your roof, put them on a drapery bar or two to give them a raised look.
  3. Add little greener plants to your balcony or sitting area with a  pot vertical garden. Where you don’t even need to water them.
  4. Hang some painted pots crafted with beautiful designs.  with artificial flowers. 
  5. Re-module any old or cement wall with tiered wood shelving planters in a wooden box. 

These were a few ideas to brighten up your home. Do you want more ideas and designs? Then visit Aavana Greens, a leading manufacturer of vertical gardens and grass in India with an experience of 7+ years. This is a place where you can get to know about all the trendy designs and can decorate your home by just using your mobile phone. Because Aavana delivers throughout pan India.