Artificial plants supplier in India

Artificial plants supplier in India

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Artificial plants have gained popularity as of late and many are living very stylish lives in homes, restaurants, and hotels. The crux of the matter is about finding potential and bringing them to life in exciting or inspiring ways.

Ready to transform your space? Look no further than Aavana Greens. Aavana Greens is the leading artificial plants supplier for Indian homes and businesses, with the highest quality and life-like greenery you’ve ever seen before.

We’ve helped transform hundreds of spaces with high-quality green walls, vertical gardens, and faux plants. No longer do you have to worry about your vertical gardens dying, or your plants wilting come summer time. Our fake plants and hedges are the perfect solution – artificial plants that look real!

We have a wide range of plants and green walls specifically designed for indoor and outdoor use. Our products have been tested in Indian conditions and we stand by our quality. Our artificial greenery has proven to be an excellent solution for our customers –keen to provide privacy, enhance a space, and look as aesthetically green and lush as possible.  We have a strong commitment to providing premium quality products and great personal service to customers throughout India.

With an emphasis on custom design and unparalleled realism, Aavana Greens specializes in all types of faux plants, from succulent arrangements to fabricated trees.

Why Aavana Greens artificial plants and foliage?

Real plants and foliage are great if you have the time or the setup to grow and maintain them.  Water is a problem in many situations, then there is feeding, trimming, and spraying for pests.

Buy the best artificial plants with Aavana Greens ! Why buy from us?

•Strong emphasis is placed on quality control and we offer a full refund or replacement for any defective item.
•They are free of heavy metals
•Looks natural
•Aavana Greens artificial plants are UV stabilized.
•Earth & Family Safe products
•Free & Fast Shipping
•Manufacturer Direct Prices
•Botanically Correct Plants

Where can I use artificial plants and flowers?

The short answer is anywhere! Our premium-quality, artificial plants require little-to-no maintenance. Most are UV-rated so they won’t fade outdoors. You won’t have to worry about heat, cold or sunshine.

Are fake plants better than real plants?

There are many benefits and great reasons to use artificial plants in everyday and commercial settings. Eliminate toxic threats to pets and children. Decrease allergic reactions. Reduce (or eliminate) plant maintenance costs. These are a few reasons why faux plants may be a better choice, and a better investment, than the real thing.

Can you put fake plants outside?

Yes, you can definitely use our artificial plants, faux living walls, and replica trees outdoors. Many of our artificial plants, shrubs, vines, bushes, and trees are manufactured with UV-rated materials to prevent the foliage and flowers from fading when subjected to extreme sunlight. However, not all artificial plants are rated for outdoor use, so please read the product details carefully.

What are the best artificial plants to block unsightly views or provide privacy?

Privacy planters and planter barriers don’t have to be boring! Make any commercial or residential space extra special with artificial hedges and partitions made with premium faux plants. Some of our favorites are boxwood, ivy, bamboo, birch, or even tall grasses or horsetail reeds. Let us pre-populate planters with a custom landscape providing immediate impact without assembly.

There are some obvious benefits to opting for artificial plants. From variety to cost-effectiveness they win every time. Features of Our Artificial Plants

•Available in various sizes and varying weights
•Made from Recycled Materials
•Easily cleaned with a damp cloth
•Low Maintenance
•Cost Effective
•Natural Looking

Choose from our selection of exotic ferns, artificial succulents, fake palms, and more to fashion a space that truly stands out. We have Hanging bushes in baskets either leafy or with flowers including spider plants, Boston fern, geranium, ivy, wisteria along with other plants.

Following are the types of artificial plants we have:

Artificial Leafy Plants

A superb collection of nearly natural artificial potted leafy arrangements you’ll be sure to love! Made with high-quality materials these faux potted plants are designed to last both indoors and outdoors and look absolutely amazing being ‘planted’ into a decorative pot.

Artificial Flowering Plants

Our artificial flowering plants are a fabulous addition to your home or office. These plants are bright and colourful with stunning flowers that are perfect as an addition to your decor. All flowering plants are UV resistant and require no maintenance.

Artificial Topiary Trees, Balls, and Shrubs

These tall, short, and narrow artificial topiary trees are made with superb hand-crafted foliage.

Ornamental Grass Artificial Plants

Bursting with texture, these stunning and realistic artificial plants add life to even the drabbest of areas. Its UV resistance makes these artificial ornamental grass and unique leafy plants ideal for landscaping and indoor use, adding drama and a touch of colour to wherever it’s placed.

We are always searching for new plants and greenery if we don’t have what your after, chances are we can order it in for you. Whether you are looking for a small plant or wanting plants for a large commercial project we look forward to working with you and helping with your selection. We are associated with various leading companies of the market to source our offered range of Artificial Bonsai, Decorative Pots & Planters, Artificial Foliage’s, etc.

The relentless efforts of our teammates have helped us achieve a position of repute among the clients. Our strong logistics network and well-established distribution channel help us deliver products to the clients within the stipulated time frame. Moreover, for the convenience of our clients, we offer them easy payment options. With the support of our industrious professionals, we strive to fulfill the ever-growing needs of our clients. Our professionals continuously update the available amenities to keep them in line with the latest trends.

Visit our showroom today, There are lots of artificial plants and trees on display, our friendly staff will be happy to provide you with any assistance you may need.

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