Wooden deck tiles Delhi

Wooden deck tiles Delhi

wooden floor deck tiles

Get the Best Variety of wooden Deck Tiles in Delhi from Aavana Greens

Have you been thinking about doing something new for your interiors? Interiors or exteriors are not only limited to the wall colors and the furniture but rather, the floor plays an important part. Are you fascinated by the wooden deck tiles that you might see on the old decks and patios? With these tiles, your interiors can become more attractive and good. Wooden deck tiles necessarily do not mean to be always made up of wood, but rather can be made of other materials as well. If you have been looking for the tiles at your place, then Aavana Greens are there to help you at our best. The best manufactures Delhi for wooden deck tiles and other types of tiles that provide the best quality at a reasonable process.

Get all the types of wood deck tiles in Delhi.

Are you looking for an effective transformation of your floor, roof, or balcony? Wooden Deck tiles in Delhi are thus the best solution that can add visual panache to the décor, interior, and exteriors of your house. What is required is the right kind of decking that can be suitable for the place.

There are a wide variety of deck tiles available in the market. So, it is important to know about every type of wooden flooring deck tiles and how can you choose the right deck tiles.

Different Variety of Deck Tiles

  1. Wood deck tiles– This is the hardest wood species and has other properties like insect resistance. Also, the tiles are resistant to fire, molds, rot, and decay. Even the tiles have great tolerance and under extreme conditions have the least tendency of twisting.
  2. Teak Deck tiles– The wood has excellent weather resistance properties and is slightly softer than lpe. People generally use them in outdoor projects.
  3. Slate tiles– These can be used for both decoration and practical purposes. Slate is much hard material and can get scratch by sharp objects. You should use a special slate sealer for harsh weather conditions.
  4. Granite deck tiles– It is an ideal material for commercial purposes. The material is hard, durable, strong, stain-resistant. The hammered surface provides excellent finish and anti-slip properties as well.
  5. Sandstone Tiles– These tiles have a natural anti-slip surface. They are the coolest tile for the summer purpose. Also, the tiles have to use sealing to provide higher stain resistance.
  6. Composite wood deck tiles– Composite wood requires lesser maintenance and is softer than lpe woods. This material is capable of bearing harsh weather conditions like high rainfall, ice and snow, etc but lesser resistant to molds and mildew.
  7. Ceramic tiles-The ceramic tiles are known to have better anti-slip properties and require some care. These should not be used with heavy cast iron furniture and heavy materials with unprotected legs.

So, if you are purchasing the wooden flooring deck tiles, then it is important that you contact the best wooden deck tile manufactures Delhi. Do not hesitate in asking about the price, and the other policies about the tiles. The good suppliers, wholesalers in Delhi never keep the charges hidden and are transparent about the services that they provide.

Different Use of deck tiles

Deck tiles are easy to install and can be used for a lot of purposes. It is important that one must know the proper use of deck tiles.

Wooden deck tiles are versatile, thus meaning that they can be used at any place. Along with the deck, you can use them in your back yards, rooms, offices, and in lawns, etc.

Wooden deck flooring tiles that give your interiors a great appealing look

The tiles can be utilized for a variety of purposes. One of the best ways can be the flooring of your rooms or your children’s playhouses. Wooden flooring deck tiles can be the right choice if you wish to add the wooden texture to your house or balcony. It is easy to use them for roofing options as well. You can get the best quality of deck tiles with the best tiles manufacturers in Delhi, Aavana Greens.

Indoor deck tiles

Deck tiles come with a lot of solutions available. They are easy to use for flooring and roofing. You can use the indoor deck tiles for special projects like garden walkaway or the pool’s edges etc. Also, they are durable in nature without any shadow of a doubt. With the best manufactures in Delhi for wooden flooring deck tiles, you can always get the best quality of deck tiles for your home, office, or other areas.

Outdoor wooden deck tiles

With the deck tiles, you can style the balcony or decks with beautiful outdoor flooring. The outdoor wooden deck tiles can create some relaxing and elegant space that one would love to hang out outdoors with a friend. With maintenance-free grass on your lawn, you can enjoy your morning cup of tea or evening snacks with your family. It is easy to use the outdoor wooden deck tiles along with the artificial grass decking. Also, you can use them for your lawns and gardens.

Give your outdoors and indoors the perfect finished look

The wooden deck tiles can give you the perfect new look to your outdoors and indoors. With the help of the outdoor wooden deck tiles, the balconies, yards and etc., you can get a much nicer look and provide a better experience to walk on the surface. It is easy to use the wooden deck tiles for the roofing of your house. It gives your ceiling a great appearance.

For any doubts and requirements of the wooden deck tiles, you can contact Aavana Greens. We are the best suppliers wholesaler in Delhi that has a lot of varieties of wooden flooring deck tiles at the best prices.